Quality of care

Your care, or the care of your loved ones, is at the heart of everything that every member of the Entire Care team does.

We want you to receive the best possible care at all times. To make sure this happens:

  • we carefully select the individuals who'll be providing your care and home support
  • we'll match the skills of your workers with your needs
  • we'll try to make sure that your workers live nearby, so reduce the chance of any travel delays
  • we make sure we train everyone working for us in any relevant standards within their first 12 weeks
  • we manage and train our staff, with the aim that:
    • our all carers achieve at least an NVQ Level 2
    • all other staff receive training that's appropriate to their work, eg food hygiene training for catering staff
  • all our staff will receive annual training in health and safety, including moving and handling, fire awareness, adult protection issues and other areas.