Our approach

Our tailored services focus on the needs, goals, aspirations and priorities of each individual.

The process we follow

We follow a simple, but effective, 3-step process for every support request we receive:

1. Carry out a home visit

An Entire Care Care Manager will visit the individual at home to assess their needs and to find out what they'd like to do to maintain their independence.

As part of our visit we'll discuss their needs, hopes, aspirations and priorities in more detail (both with them and with any carers/family members who are present).

2. Write an individual care plan

We'll write an individual care plan based on the information we have from all relevant stakeholders, where relevant, including the individual, their carer/family, the local authority and other care providers.

Once the plan’s been agreed, we’ll:

  • give the individual and any carers (subject to the individual’s permission) a copy of the plan
  • ensure that a care diary (or ‘care record’) is kept in the individual’s home
  • bring together a team of appopriate home support workers to deliver the needs identified in it.

3. Deliver and monitor our services

We monitor the individual's health and wellbeing, and how well their plan is supporting them, to make sure that the amount of care time they're receiving is appropriate.

As part of this we make sure that:

  • our workers routinely review and update the individual's care diary as part of each visit
  • everyone involved in the individual's care is encouraged to contribute to both the care plan and the care diary
  • the care plan is reviewed within 6 weeks of the start of home care being provided
  • there is a review plan in place that ensures the care plan is reviewed at least annually.

  • We also invite feedback from the individual, their carers/family and their home worker(s) via surveys, to make sure that everyone's happy with the outcomes (results) and quality of the home care services that we're providing.

    Why do we use this approach?

    Following a defined process helps us to ensure a good quality, professional service. This includes making sure that our home workers have enough time to:

    • provide a high quality service, without being rushed
    • do their job without compromising the individual’s dignity or wellbeing
    • talk to the individual and their carer
    • travel between appointments, so they arrive on time.

    It also makes sure that our approach complements yours, helping you to meet your quality standards for local services and your objectives for supporting the local community.